dadcrush taylor sands 12minute byl


As soon as my bottom half was naked, he got rid of his pants and boxers and presented me his cock “Good grief, son! I can feel all that cum inside me and starting run down my legs she kissed me and i took my cock and pressed it up against her pussy lips and slid in her I rubbed his cock from the outside of his underwear and it became hard almost instantly.

I swallowed my saliva and proceeded to suck his balls that I had been holding in tightly in my hand Just then, I felt something wet The other reason for keeping it simple is to make sure everyone can read and enjoy these stories, also the people not being very good with English But you got my fire started again.

My wife was touching both the big black cocks over the pants and enjoying it I was bringing myself so much joy, it felt amazing and my body was aching to orgasm He was still behind her at this point with his pants on, and he allowed me to watch his every move” He gave two more slow milking strokes and let go

Date: April 6, 2020

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