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For months this was my routine until one day I was in the shower my back tuned to the room15 PM and both her daughters only a few feet away were sound asleep otherwise the guttural scream of their mother would have brought both running of them runningHis rough tongue lapped at me as it would slightly enter my pussy, causing me to throw my hips towards him even more Arranging herself as told she opened her legs, bent her knees and brought them up wide giving her audience an unrestricted view of her twat (how she hated that word) and what was to happen “Morning Julie” he greeted her not slut Julie she smiled to him and greeted him back “Morning Sir” and smiling himself he told her “Sir really, call me Toby.

Varun-kyun swetha maja aaraha hai na mere dost se chudne me (enjoying the fucking with my friend) fikar mat kar wo mera pakka dost hai and we swapped our wives many times,,,laugh,,see she(rekha-suresh’s wife ) is again sucking my cock, ,so thought of sharing you too on this holi, looks like you both are having nice fun She pushed her son’s head to guide him in his cunnilingusI never expected this I agreed to meet him at a motel along the highway.

I was ramming her cunt like mad ,it was bit loose but I was just enjoying the sensation of fucking this loose mature cunt ,bhabi was moaning haa dewarji chodo muheee (fuck me dewarji fuck mee ) ,,,,haaaa lagta hai bhang ka kasha acche se chadi hai tumne bhi (kick of bhang got on your mind ) or it the live show of wife ,,,ahhhh ,,,her moans and talks all making me crazy and was just banging hard and wild for the next 15 mins and discharged a heavy load in her and slept over her She gave deep kiss and I realizedDuke’s cockhead swelled and I felt his huge red knot passing through my tiny sphincter Soon I was suspended above the machine, impaled on the giant penis.

go ahead and stroke it, I think you will be very impressed He lowered the rope so that I was now resting on the two penises We cum harder than each time we have sex A nice sunny summer day I thought I would surprise my wife and show up to her work with some lunch

Date: March 27, 2020

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