Debt Sex – Teeny Dixie Lynn fucked by debt collector


Within a matter of seconds, they were both totally naked; and I saw Megan clasp William’s massive black cock in her right hand, and hold it, while they kissed once again the door next to me closed and I peeked in the gloryhole and watch a guy take out a very nice cock How I want to see the way you lust for me, I want to see how your eyes want to devour me It wasn’t long ago you let me see your package and slowly encouraged me to touch you.

I had failed to provide something like a towel or washcloth to catch my sperm in, so instead of that, I held one hand under my cock head and began ejaculating—and as I did, I could feel the blood-warmed warmth of it as it spurted out the end of my cock head and onto the palm of my hand!As I came, I involuntarily shivered with the intensity of the pleasure, and I watched Megan, across the space between our two house, as she and William fucked; and fucked hard, like two wild a****ls; and the sight of that filled me with that difficult-to-explain glow of a cuckold husband in full embrace of his role AS a cuckold husband!I stood there a moment, my free hand holding my load of sperm, and then I went to our bathroom and got some toilet paper, and wiped my hand He laid down next to me and we kissed some more I almost instantly explode all over my face Then I flushed the sperm down the toilet (where it belonged), and finished by washing my hands before going back to the bedroom He told me to lift up my shirt so he could see more of my legs and I quickly did that for him and included lifting up my loose trunks so he could see the backs of my thighs.

That guy would go nuts for the way you make love, Sylvia, but I don’t want to lose my man to a younger woman, either My cousin who was about 11 was the only one home with us during the day It was completely smooth but for a small patch of pubic hair that hovered above her labia We sit close to each other, our eyes locked This made me push his hand away and tell him I did not like men touching me there.

It was now or never I reached up, touched his chest and rubbed my hands over his firm body It’s crazy, I know, but that’s how I am”I struggled not to smile

Date: March 27, 2020

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