(Diamond Foxx Mi) – Shower Rules Reminder – Reality Kings


The girls made sure I was well rinsed – taking turns on their knees to suck my cock – to check if there was any soap leftShe sat back on the bed, I went over to the couch, lit up another cigarette and finished my Scotch while she sipped her coffee This is wonderful newsThen for a moment she stayed perfectly still, with me trapped face down between her legs, and then she began bucking against me and groaning loudly again “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she then cried before she let go of my head and I quickly pulled away for air.

Alice opened her eyes, seeing her friend licking her pussy, and watching me as i took slow strokes into her friend Over the weekend I lost count of how many times we fucked, but each time the cum was in her pussy even if I had fucked her ass I’d need some time to recover Then she suddenly grabbed my head, thrust hard against my tongue, and groaned loudly as an orgasm swept through her body See how easy they are bringing you to them, how they draw you in.

It didn’t take too much, as you could imagine, and pretty soon I was a full eight inches hard in her mouth, and she eagerly moved her mouth back and forth along it coating me in her salivaLeon then dropped to his knees and ordered Ana to suck on his hard black cock They were wanting her to get married so they could have grandc***dren She asked if that meant I didn’t want this to happen.

”“Really! That’s the reaction I had when you answered the door In fact, that very afternoon he asked me to punish him more but this time to ‘use my cock on his naughty fuckhole’I soaped my body again and left the shower after several minutes I cried loud as I also came after him The guard drove by several other times and it made us uncomfortable.

“Well yes,” I replied Then I can cum in your throat and you don’t have to swallow it

Date: October 1, 2020

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