Maitland Ward & Danny Mountain 2018


Jay looked out of the window of his Uber with his head leaned against the glass Her excitement builds further as she realises I’m going to fuck her hard and fast Lisa defended Sally, I didn’t get to cum and they both left shortly after This is what you wanted, right? Now take it! Shocked I spun around and was met face to face with one of the inmates from the prison.

“That’s it bitch, take turns on us, like we’re going to take turns one you Next thing I know, Lisa and Sally are in a relationship It was now night, and all of the stars in the sky glistened in the wilderness He moved up to my thighs and then told me to roll over so he could massage my back which totally relaxed me He let out a moan.

One of the girls the guy was talking to, a black girl with smooth dark skin, bright teeth, and a septum piercing chimed in I always think it’s my move His voice is louder now

Date: April 4, 2020

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