My Friend’s Girlfriend Gets So Wet for Me


I will start by introducing myself I am Tawfiq from Bangladesh and this is a story about me and my first GF in our first threesome  He wasn’t going to clean it up at first, he was going to give it back to her with cum stains all over it, but he didn’t want her to know what he had found in her browser history and what happened afterwards so he cleaned his cum off her computer and got it ready to return to her the next day”Then she asked, “What are the circumstances where you saw him reading that book in the first place?”I described the way he wears those tight boxer shorts in the room, how he was partially obscured by the sheet when he was jerking himself, and then how he went to the bathroom to ejaculate  She only lived a few houses down from Joe, so she decided to walk over.

”Without hesitation, the pretty sissy, threw her arms around her strong black lover and delivered a wet, sultry, kissed as she groaned to convey the heat she had for him She stood up with the blanket wrapped around her waist and she said, “Same deal as with the underwear They actually looked good on him against his dark brown skin The next time Sidney opened her eyes, she thought maybe it was all a dream “That’s very relaxing.

Memories of the night her Nubian sex god captured and took her for the first time came back along with a parade of raw emotions and suddenly her body felt more alive than it felt in years Pushing the thong aside, spreading her lips “How bad do you want it?” “I fucking want it bad,” panted Fingerdoo My boys have been stretching and busting that sweet pussy out nearly as long as I’ve been busting you out” I couldn’t have agreed more

Date: October 2, 2020

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