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“”No baby” my wife confessed, “It is I who is the dirty one Then Geoff slowed down and pulled out of me “Coffee” she asked and I said, “Yes please” Tim kept a close eye on what we were doing as he entered Gwen I could feel the warm liquid spurting against my anal walls coating them in a warm substance.

I reached back grabbing his cock feeding it back into my asshole “Yes we are more than back together, we are going to marry I felt my juices start to squirt out splashing against us both and running onto the bedsheetsMy husband and I talked about trying anal but I still said no Sat perfectly still, the only movement was the twitching of his hard cock as it stood up in swollen evidence of just how much he was enjoying this, no need for her to tell him not to to touch his cock or cum, his self-control was absolute.

I loved Beverly’s place the patio overlooked the city so in the evening I sat put light music on and watched the city change from day to night OH MY GOD!!!! YES, YES OH GOD YYYEEESSS” as my orgasm ripped through my body””Please Sir” she begged, “what can I do so that you won’t do this to me?””Your act of indiscretion” I explained, “cannot go without punishment This is a fetish story about our Larry trying to decide if wearing he should wear his Mom’s panties or his sisters We met at her home or at my place.

He also informed me he loved watching me do it as something at lunch or if out for dinner without Michelle I would tease the men around us I pulled out and came on her sweet pussy as she slowly massaged her clit and labia Her large perfect tits spilled against me as the blouse came off A plan began to form in my mind I threw my arm around John pulling him down and told him to take me home and fuck me.

Beverly replied, “Not just yet, I just went to the bathroom After a couple of minutes more, “I want you fuckin’ tits” I said to her and watched as she took off her blouse and braBeing afraid of getting caught spying on them, I jumped into the bathroom on the other side of the hallMary’s hesitates slightly before copying Julie’s earlier position.

My school was just a few blocks from home and Ruth’s house was another block past home But I felt like this would work because I felt like I was doing something so wrong yet so good I was naked from head to toe and didn’t want Fred seeing me that way followed by sex when we get home (or in the car!)

Date: March 24, 2020

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