PunishTeens – Evangelical Uncle trains His misbehaved niece


You say later on you will return after your rounds”What happened to you?” she asked taking his penis in her hand Her breathing pattern changed becoming more rapid.

Ana opened her eyes and smiled at me; saying now she could feel both her cunt and ass very sore I still was not allowed to raise as he instructed me ‘ I reached in and pulled her towards me for a passionate kiss and immediately began caressing her dripping wet curves I could see traces of love bites all around her smooth shaved wet cunt I then tell you from here on out you are my woman.

I was being suspended in the air by my breastsshe became a widow at very young age of 34 and from then on my Father’s elder Brother (Tauji-Himesh uncle – 54yrs )took care of us and slowy got attached to mom emotionally and physically I could not find her outside I then held my fingers out for Sambo to see if he would lick them She was completely naked as I held and caressed her smooth body, we could kiss, just kiss for hours.

Then, as he touched her vagina softly he started rimming his motherI turned her around and leant her over her kitchen table, spread her legs apart and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her slit, only for a few seconds before I plunged straight into her, balls deep, making her let out a huge groanAfter Emerson had left, my sweet Ana confessed me that she could not stop fucking those huge thick black cocks

Date: March 26, 2020

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