TeamSkeet – 2017 Best Of MILFS In Charged And Fucked


Usually my wife is on the prudish side and shy about showing off her body, especially her huge D-cup titties”So, what about your future husband?”I gave her more lead, but I knew I had her But it made her round and curvy in a way that was pleasing to look at with her shirt removed This is where this story starts to get crazy! So, his wife, Dagmar, is a pretty and slim woman, but seemed a bit shy to begin with She boasted that her cock would not go soft in 5 minutes—like her husband’s.

I gave her every drop I mean, I truly wouldn’t want to lose her friendship She seemed to like it, cooing softly As she stabbed every inch of the cock deeper and deeper into her little pussy, Tami cried out in shattering orgasms” and I just said “Don’t care, come right over

Date: April 5, 2020

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