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Secured in the teacher’s room, they were all fine and comfortableThe husband watched his wife writhing around as wave after wave of intense orgasm possessed her body, he began to fuck Subi harder she felt the thick cock push deep inside of her stretching her pussy open, deep in the man’s balls his seed stirred ready to explode into Subi’s tight waiting pussy It smelled like Sister’s wet pussy mixed with another intoxicating odor I was happy to oblige Even more eye opening were the ones with women performing oral sex on each other and men not only oral,sex but taking it in the bum as well.

Subi moaned loudly as her pussy was touched for the first time by another woman who instantly toyed with her pussy lips and clit through the material of her panties“This is crazy,” I said in disbelief It was as if he was studying me Subi gasped as she felt a soft wet tongue probe between her legs, tracing its way around her swollen pussy, gently tasting the juices around her damp lips, it expertly teased the head of her clit causing Subi to buckle her knee’s as her body began to tingle To her shoulders, down, down, down to her breasts.

I sucked as softly as before and slid my mouth just as slowly and I just have no words to describe how having his cock in my mouth and sucking on that man’s shaft catapulted me to a sexual nirvana I had never known”Let’s go home, neighbor My lips sealed tight to capture it all “So, are we going to take that picture, or are you going to keep staring?” She asked.

Come over here and fuck me”“How do you know it’s not me?” she asked Of course I had planned the whole session carefully, and Michael had to stand completely still, untill I would signal him with my eyes what to do .

Susan, I asked to be there an hour before Michael, because she had to do some preparations The woman’s husband kept up his toying with Subi as he fucked her pussy inches from his wife’s face “Ooof!” She lifted herself out of the gunk, feeling the cups of her bra weighted down by the seed that found its way inside“Porn stuff? What, like dirty videos?” Katie just nodded, her eyes never leaving mine We had a fantastic friendship and she didn’t want anything to ever overcomplicate it or spoil it

Date: April 3, 2020

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