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Julia pushed her hard against the sofa and pinned her down She let go and wiped up my chest to pick up all the loose cum, and with her cock still buried in my ass, leaned forward and fed me my cum My mother had prepared dinner with Dad on the pool deck grilling steaks Eventually we just gave in, we both loved pegging more than tradition sex and it became our only form of sex”Do you like it, baby girl?””It’s.

I was lost in my pleasure and unsure how long I had been jerking off  I was so hot at this point that I had to get my hands on that cockAt the end of the dinner, Mel proposed we go back to her place for some dessert, as she had some fresh strawberries and whipped creamI dunno was what I said That day, Sharon and Julia had gone to a fast food place and ordered salads, and, since it wasn’t THAT hot, had gone to a park nearby, and took a table under a large willow tree.

I opened my eyes and he was gone, I never saw his face or his cock, I just felt it in my mouth I’m sure my face turned 50 shades of red when our eyes first met I knew she did not have a single panty in her bag that matched it I was impressed by the move.

“You can’t go into the office with this on your face

Date: March 23, 2020

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