Wife humiliates cuckold


The surprise was when she got a pair of my briefs from the laundry basket and gave him them to sniff as she began to suck him off Slowly we started fetish and BDSM to spice up our boring life The man seemed restless and too eager for some actions nowjust what i wanted to hear Though I didn’t want it but my body started responding to his strokes, sensing this he locked lips me and we kept kissing.

So I winked him and said “just wait for some time you will get many thingsHe then increased his strokes, he pressed my boobs, tried kissing me, pressing my ass all at once and came inside me His body was smooth but he had a pretty thick bush and a nine inch cockShe was looking anxious and was really not expecting me.

While I started my car one word striked in my mind…”our hands”In the meantime, because of his deep fingering my asshole, I was feeling a bit like shitty and wanted to relieve myself He looked to be 25 at the most, and pulled down his pants thrusting his thick cock in my face I just loved the feeling of getting fucked like that by that cheap mid aged roadside monger and the way he was using me like a cheap prostituteAhhhhhhh

Date: March 28, 2020

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