Young Guy Satisfying The GILF Fetish


i took my bottoms off and left my top on like in the film, as soon as the dog so my bare leg it started humping again, i pushed it off and sat back in the chair, i opened my legs and straight away it started licking my cunt, by now i was passed caring what happened, i was moaning with pleasure and just laid back enjoying the feeling, he moved and started trying to hump my leg, i pushed him off, here goes i thought so i knelt on the chair, my legs were shaking i was that turned on, after a few attempts he mounted me and i could feel his penis poking around, eventually i felt it enter my cunt and he was pumping away like mad, i had already cum with the excitement i had never felt nothing like it, it was mind blowing Good thing I was so lubricated or else he would have ripped me apart They had her blow them or jack them off I have been in his position before.

Now Dwayne grabs her by the throat and commands her, “Beg us to fuck you!!!” Sherry hesitates and Dwayne starts squeezing her throat hard He wasn’t giving up I asked him if he wanted to see it Well, don’t worry, we’ll take care of her now.

I didn’t realize it until we got to where our group tent site was that both of them didn’t cover up to walk to the site but were butt ass naked and so was I as I got carried to where my sleeping bag was I gave him lube, he lubed her ass climbed on table and start to fuck her not caring if she´ll take it A black man .

I also told them to bring something to knock her out since she will never agree to it She really ate it up when I fucked her with it Drew grabs her legs and pulls them open again, forceful but she doesn’t resist”I reluctantly open my mouth and you stick your dick in.

I also told them to bring something to knock her out since she will never agree to it “that ain’t no white boy Brian shook his head and walked to the bathroomThe weeks passed Autumn storms came and went one night I walked to the church though the wind driven rain I watched the stormy sea the white capped waves the air felt fresh Brian hadn’t had white pussy in almost 2 months and was ready to make a white woman feel it, and these 2 were prime.

Without warning my uncle lifted me up at an angle from the railing and I felt my dad’s mouth engulf my my mini torpedo, then was he lifted me from my uncle who did the same and it felt so good! Then without hesitation all the fellas around in the shower room began taking turn popping my raging prick in an out their mouths, and I lost track of who had it in their mouth after a minute but then I felt the pleasure of that along with many different tongues taking their turn rimming my smooth bare hole! Didn’t take long after that before I moaned so loud and and with my own shock of what was me having my first orgasm from it all I think it was modeled after Lexington Steel When the first shot hit its mark, it caused him to cum again

Date: October 2, 2020

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